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Membership Fees

Friday, 10 February 2017 12:53

Our membership year runs October to October. The current membership fees are: Please note that if you are not already a member of Archery GB you will need to complete one of our beginners courses first.

Individual Membership

Joining Between 1st October 2020 - 31st March 2021

Pensioner:£105 (must be eligable to receive state pension)
Junior (Under 25) / Disabled:£60
Archery GB Visitor:£5 per visit

Pro Rata Fee After April 1st 2021 (New Members Only)

Pensioner:£52.50 (must be eligable to receive state pension)
Junior (Under 25) / Disabled:£30
Archery GB Visitor:£5 per visit

Family Membership

We also offer a range of Family memberships (living at the same address):

Joining Between 1st October 2020 - 31st March 2021

2x Adult:£225
1x Adult 1x Junior:£165
2x Adult 1x Junior:£270
Additional Adult (to any of the above):£105
Additional Junior (to any of the above):£45

Pro Rata Fee After April 1st 2021 (New Members Only)

2x Adult:£112.50
1x Adult 1x Junior:£82.50
2x Adult 1x Junior:£135
Additional Adult (to any of the above):£52.50
Additional Junior (to any of the above):£25

Membership forms can now be filled in online here. Please note that all new members must either be able to prove they have taken one of our beginners course or have been assessed by the club to be able to shoot in accordance with the rules of shooting. Memberships will not be accepted from applicants who are unable to demonstrate this criteria.

Please note that only one discount per person is applicable

All our members have completed an approved Archery GB beginner’s course either at this club or elsewhere. This is a requirement before anyone can shoot or be accepted as a full member of any club.
Existing archers can apply for immediate membership, however, both practising archers and beginners must have their applications approved by the committee before being allowed to shoot or becoming a full member.

Membership fees are payable annually prior to the A.G.M. which is normally held in September.

The membership fees collected are shared between the club and the following bodies:-

Archery GB is the governing body of the sport in the U.K. They provide an  administrative function and cover clubs and archers with insurance. All Archery GB members receive the society’s magazine Archery U.K., four times a year.

Southern Counties Archery Society (S.C.A.S.) which represents our region on Archery GB Committees. The S.C.A.S. organises competitions in various archery disciplines and holds regular meetings to discuss issues affecting clubs and archers in its area of influence.

Only Archers who have a valid Archery GB membership are insured to shoot on WAC grounds.

If a member brings an archer/s to visit the club to shoot who are not a member of WAC, a day fee of £5 should be collected by that the WAC member from the visitor and passed to the Treasurer. The exception to the daily fee would be if a person was visiting WAC to 'try out' the facilities, and this may be done twice prior to that person deciding whether to join WAC as a paid member. 

If you have any questions contact the Membership Secretary.


Juniors between the ages of 10 and 16 (younger children may be accepted at the discretion of the committee) meet between 10am and midday on Sunday mornings, although they are welcome to stay on for the afternoon if they want more practice.  Those aged between 17 & 25 may shoot with the seniors at all times, but please note that if they under 18 they must have a parent or legal guardian with them.

Please note that all juniors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times whilst shooting.

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